BAND DEAF RAT ALBUM BAN THE LIGHT LABEL AFM Records OUT 1/11/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 DEAF RAT, contemporary hard rock band from Sweden, is ready to unleash their debut album entitled 'Ban The Light' on 1st November, out on AFM Records. The trademarks of the band are sharp riffs mixed with strong melodies to be cathy when it needs. The title was taken from the first song that was written for the album. 'Ban The Light' is a tough punch, a statement to everyone who has been made fun of or belittled, to all those who are a little different & had been singled out because of what they wear or who they are. In TRYING YOU DOWN we can feel also darker sides, while in SAVE ME FROM MYSELF, a great hard rock tune with meloduc flavour, we can appreciate a good solo. We can find a ballad, BAD BLOOD, while IN MAKE YOU SUFFER we can feel again somethin' darker. SAY YOU LOVE is pure happiness, followed by WANTED FOREVER, a powerful and modern tune, and WELCOME TO HELL, a contemporary one, which ends this album. SURELY INTERESTING!

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