BAND ELEINE ALBUM ALL SHALL BURN LABEL BLACK LODGE OUT 22/11/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 In late 2011 vocalist Madeleine Liljestam began working on a symphonic metal project and a year later co-founder, songwriter/singer and guitarist Rikard Ekberg joined and ELEINE was born. ELEINE released their debut single "Gathering Storm" in 2014, followed by a second single, "Land Beyond Sanity" in March a year later, and in April 2015 was out the self-titled debut album via Cardiac Records/Universal. In early 2016, ELEINE took a new turn when the band and Cardiac Records went separate ways. In June of the same year ELEINE self-released the single "Break Take Live", going on a successful European tour alongside MOONSPELL. In 2017 Madeleine and Rikard started their own record label, Algoth Records, and began working with the renowned label Black Lodge Records and Sound Pollution Distribution; it was released a new single, "Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)" before they went on tour in Sweden with the W.A.S.P. In 2018 they released their second full-length album entitled "Until The End", and on November 22nd will be available their new fatigue called ALL SHALL BURN. ASB is an EP with 5 songs, of which the title track is available in two different ways. A wall of sound opens ENEMIES, a tune with a contemporary touch; vocals are effective and melodic, riffs are sharp and guitar's solo is really interesting with its changes of time. Abovementioned title track shows rhythms slowin' down, enhanced by female and male vocals, the second with a growl touch when it nedds. MEINH HERZ BREENT is another interesting shot, at times more thoughtful while HELL MOON (WE SHALL NEVER DIE) is somethin' far away from metal, cinematic at times, but surely compelling.

A great starter, in waitin' for next full-lenght!

#pressagent Palmer Turner Overdrive


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