BAND Conjuring Fate ALBUM CURSE OF THE FALLEN LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 15/11/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 Conjuring Fate were originally formed in 2005 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It took a while for them to find a constant line-up, so the first live gigs were played three years after. Founding member and guitarist Phil Horner is a friend of Sweet Savage’s guitar wizard Simon McBride. Former Sweet Savage drummer Jules Watson played drums for Conjuring Fate from 2011 to 2013. Following their 2014 debut EP entitled “House On The Haunted Hill” and the band’s first full-length album, 2016’s “Valley Of Shadows”, now they're ready to unleash their new beast “Curse Of The Fallen” available On Nov 15th via PURE STEEL RECORDS. Nine songs and an intro called PREMONITION to introduce a band that learned at its best the lesson of masters of classic metal, bringing music to the modern day, with the right groove and powerful sound. BURN THE WITCH is the first attack, with its classic vibe, and starts with a solo followed by a sharp and again classic riff. Voice of TOMMY DALY is absolutely an added value and we can appreciate the right entanglements with backing vocals; solo is effective and inspired and song ends with a groovy part. VOODOO WRATH is another interesting track and in MIDNIGHT SKIES rhythm grows and solo is again to remind. All sounds perfect, the band is loud and proud of their music! JOURNEY'S END is another right shot, with its riffing classic and embracing; we can find the inspiration of band such as STORMWITCH at times. DAUGHTER OF THE EVERGLADES shows rhythms less fast, all seems more dreamin' but suddedly all changes..more epic atmospheres and two solos to remark. NIGHT OF THE KNIVES is another ace, surely one of our favs, high level classic metal, while anthemic NO ESCAPE is no better than previous song. CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT is squared and strong, with great structures, while ORIGINAL SIN starts with a long run with pressing drums, sharp riffs and a grandiloquent environment...a great shot to end in the best way this great album! NO DOUBT..TO SUGGEST!!

TRACKLIST 1. The Premonition 2. Burn The Witch 3. Voodoo Wrath 4. Midnight Skies 5. Journey’s End 6. Daughter Of The Everglades 7. Night Of The Knives 8. No Escape 9. Children Of The Night 10. Original Sin LINE-UP Tommy Daly VC Phil Horner GT Karl Gibson GT Steve Legear BG Niall McGrotty DR

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