BAND Black Star Riders ALBUM ANOTHER STATE OF GRACE LABEL NUCLEAR BLAST OUT 6/9/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 The 4th full lenght by BLACK STAR RIDERS is out for a few days and it's a great album. Surely we can't find nothin new but the outcome is positive and appreciated by all classic hard rock fans and not only. This project, year after year, has become a real band led by RICKY WARWICK helped by THIN LIZZY LEGEND SCOTT GORHAM. This platter sounds good; we can find again clear influences of abovementioned THIN LIZZY, we can feel the Irish flavour, but also many other things. The band doesn't wanna be a cover band, wants to show somethin different: structures more complex when it needs, a sound enriched by keyboards and organ sometimes, in WHY DO YOU LOVE YOUR GUNS? vocals and acoustic guitar send social messages, in STANDING IN THE LINE OF FIRE they are strong and squared. An interesting album that we're sure you'll appreciate.

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