BAND Midnight Force ALBUM GODODDIN LABEL IRON SHIELD RECORDS OUT 25/10/2019 (CD; VINYL TBA) OUR RATING 88/100 After the first full-lenght DUNSINANE, really appreciated on our pages, now it's time for the sophomore album "Gododdin" by Midnight Force, traditional HM band from Scotland, available on Off 25th. Evolving from the foundations laid with "Dunsinane" , the themes of historical and phantastical tales are now replicated with passion. Classic metal influences are well mixed with drops from classic hard rock and 80's HM, achieving an excellent and personal outcome. The topics on the album stretch from the crusades, Roman campaigns or cursed Ships to culminate in "Gododdin" a tale of the inhabitants of the Scottish east coast finding their demise in battle at the hands of the invading Angles. ETERNAL EMPEROR is the first shot, more classic than ever, with fancy riffs and vocals on high tones; the voice of JOHN GUNN is able to provide a different range of solutions. Two amazing solos are divided by a short interlude, before song restarts with a doom part, lilting and magniloquent before a new solo hit us again. You will understand that they move themselves throughout a complex structure full of variants. THE DOOM OF KIEV goes on loud and proud while IN LINDISFARNE IT LAY rhythm slow down while remaining powerful. A fancy acoustic part ends the song with lightness. WALLS OF ACRE is lilting and epic, vith vocals well managed. Another solo to remind before a roaring bass introduces a fast gallop. PARTHIA is another right shot, with parts less powerful and others faster. After COVENANT, maybe the only episode that doesn't hit us, it's time for epic OVER THE PHANTOM SEA, a crescendo enhanced by great vocals solutions. A fast gallop followed by vocals on high tones open another stunning solo. The title track, after an intro in waitin', ends in the best way this awesome work. BELIEVE IN US..A TOP BAND!TO SUGGEST!!

TRACKLIST 1. Eternal Emperor 2. The Doom of Kiev 3. In Lindisfarne it Lay 4. Walls of Acre 5. Parthia 6. Covenant 7. Over the Phantom Sea 8. Y Gododdin

LINE-UP John Gunn - vocals, (keys) Ansgar Burke - guitars, backing vocals, (keys) Brenden Crow - bass, backing vocals, (guitars, keys) Pete Werninck - drums, backing vocals, (keys) www.midnightforceband.wixsite.com/band www.facebook.com/midnightforceUK https://midnightforce.bandcamp.com/ #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion 


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