BAND RAM ALBUM THE THRONE WITHIN LABEL Metal Blade Records OUT 13/9/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 Our readers know what is our thought about RAM.. a milestone for all traditional heavy metal fans of the modern day. No frills, but only tradition in the best way possibile. And THE THRONE WITHIN, out for a few days again via METAL BLADE RECORDS, is another confirm. No fillers for a band confident in its potential, after another strong album as ROD out two years ago. THE SHADOWWORK open this album, before BLADES OF BETRAYAL, the first attack that hit us with solo parts always to remind. FANG AND FUR is squared and grandiloquent, enhanced by a roaring bass and by a melodic break between two solos..one of our favourite tune. VIOLENCE (IS GOLDEN) is another anthemic shot with interesting lyrics against system, while THE TRAP ends SIDE A of vinyl with its 80's flavour. NO REFUGE reminds us many things from the past of the band while the second part of the songs provides more epic drops. SPIRIT REAPER, well known thanks to a great video, is another squared song with melodic drops and double solos always compelling. YOU ALL LEAVE, after a long expectation, develops itself with a touch of class and a poker of solos to remind. RAVNFELL is the last shot with ALAN AVERILL of PRIMORDIAL as special guest and ends in the best way this great return! TO SUGGEST! RAM..A WARRANTY!!!

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