BAND Wardress ALBUM DRESS FOR WAR LABEL Fastball Music OUT 4/10/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 Founded in 1984 by guitarist Alex and vocalist Erich, they did write several songs and recorded some demos. However, after the band broke up for personal reasons in 1985, the whole project was put on hold for long time. Only in 2018, Alex recovered the old demo tape and decided to go to a studio with Erich and finally record these long-lost treasures. They easily found new members such as Mirco on bass and Andy on drums. Reunited again as a band, new songs were written being proud of the lessons of classic metal masters and completing the album "Dress For War" with nine tracks and with an instrumental intro. The album was recorded at the Empire Studios / Bensheim by Rolf Munkes (Crematory), who was able to create a genuine and old-school sound. The title track, opened by an intro is a classic metal tune with no compromises, with great gallops and a fitting fast solo. Darker and more lilting next THOU SHALT NOW KILL while MAD REAPER is another classic shot. Between classic metal with more rockin' moments and heavy restarts METAL MELODIES, followed by DARK LORD, opened by a melodic part before restarting classic and pressing, with many Maiden's influences. BETRAYAL shows epic vibes and hit us with its tasty changes of time. Direct next ATROCITY, closer to Mötorhead at times, and solos are again perfect. Darker again WERHEN, before classic metal anthem METAL LEAGUE ends in the best way this great album. TO SUGGEST! FOR ALL CLASSIC METAL DEFENDERS!


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