BAND Demonhead ALBUM BLACK DEVIL LIES LABEL SELF-RELEASE OUT 30/8/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 Demonhead are out for a few days with a new album  entitled "BLACK DEVIL LIES", after since 2015's debut album "Bring on the Doom". Losing drummer Dave Godfrey (Meshiaak) was quickly followed by guitarist Rüe almost dying and needing emergency surgery to save his life. "Demonhead went into semi-permanent hiatus until 2017 when Rue's health improved and the band reformed with Dean (ex Horizon's Edge) coming into the fold. Demonhead have taken all of the negativity developing darker and heavier sound while still retaining the melodic sensibilities of their earlier work. AGAINST THE GRAIN is the first shot with an heavy and strong riff, classic and modern at the same time while BETRAYAL AVENGER is more squared, with a modern attitude and with a solo strong and inspired. After THE RITUAL, CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT, with its classic title, shows sharp riffs, sweetened by vocals, almost catchy, and sounds great. BLOOD DEBT works best and also the title track is a right shot, with its fancy melodic touch. EYES OF THE INSANE is one of our favs with its various range of solutions and its groovy attitude. We goes on with No-frills ZOMBOCALYPSE and DOUBLE CROSS THE DEAD keeps the level high! If FACE YOUR DEMONS is a step behind, squared and heavy BEHIND THE MIRROR and NO MORE end in the best way these great platter. TO SUGGEST!! A GREAT COMEBACK!

LINE UP  Dave Lowes GT VC  Rüe Power GT  Dean Lewer DR  Azz Mammoth BG BV #pressagent Black-Roos Entertainment


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