BAND OGRE ALBUM THRICE AS STRONG LABEL CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC OUT 25/10/2019 OUR RATING 88/100 US Trio Ogre is ready to unleash a top album available on Oct 25th via CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC, a great and inspired mix of doom, 70's hard rock with some classic metal drops. Recorded with Rowan Bishop at Garage Mahal Recording in Westbrook, Maine, "Thrice as Strong" takes the album title from their namesake song “Ogre,” which is found on their Dawn of the Proto-Man debut. Aside from their tribute to Maine’s own Stephen King on “King of the Wood,” Thrice as Strong follows the main lyrical theme of how those in power tend to abuse it, often with negative consequences. We're sure that our readers will love this platter, where they will can find all the ingredients for a tasty recipe! The first shot is THE FUTURE, and the seventies flavour is immediately strong; hard rock mixed with old-school doom and this combination sounds great! Two guitar's solos to enrich the track..the level is high and this is a trademark of the band. HIVE MIND provides a sparkling Hard Rock with great changes of times and with vocals that fit perfectly. BIG MAN is another right shot with a fancy groove, more rockin' and bluesy. On the same way next JUDGEMENT DAY, where we can see darker shades, closer to doom and classic metal. BLOOD OF WINTER is so deep, with a marked doom base son of Sabbath and solos parts that today aren't not easy to find. After abovementioned KING OF THE WOOD is the turn for CYBER CZAR that ends in the best way this platter. TO SUGGEST..ONE OF THE BEST NEWS OF THE YEAR!!

LINE UP Ross Markonish - Guitar Ed Cunningham- Bass / Vocals Will Broadbent- Drums DISCOGRAPHY Dawn Of the Proto-Man  (Self Released, 2003) Seven Hells (Leaf Hound, 2006) Plague of the Planet (Leaf Hound, 2008) The Last Neanderthal (Minotauro, 2014) Thrice As Strong (Cruz Del Sur, 2019) #pressagent ClawHammer PR 


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