BAND Grande Royale ALBUM TAKE IT EASY LABEL THE SIGN RECORDS OUT 13/9/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 ’Take It Easy’ is the new album by Grande Royale and it contains eleven tracks of classic scandinavian rock. But in this platter we can find many influences, from classic rock in the way of masters such ROLLING STONES to more episodes full of rhythms and closer to rock'n'roll. We can find also southern influences and more melodic moments. TAKE IT EASY grows song after song; the first shot is BRING IT UP, sparkling classic rock, while OUT OF GAS shows the more ROCK'N'ROLL side. HANDS UP is an easier episode while SWEET LIVIN' reminds us southern vibes and BLACK CROWES atmospheres. More bluesy next COGITATOR in first seconds with an eighties flavour next, while DECELARATE is a great hard rock track with catchy chorus. After MR.SUNSHINE, maybe a step behind, BABY YOU'RE A FOOL introduces a good melody with an exciting solo. Again compelling rhythm in GOING STRONG while STANDING IN MY WAY is another great classic hard rock tune. ON AND ON is the last song that ends in the best way this great trip, fancy and which works great! TO SUGGEST!

#pressagent Palmer Turner Overdrive The Sign Records 


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