BAND SOLDIER ALBUM STORM RIDER LABEL STARHAVEN RECORDS OUT 12/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 SOLDIER are a well-known name on our pages and for a few weeks is available their last fatigue, entitled STORM RIDER. STORM RIDER is a 3 tracks EP made the band born in NWOBHM movement, known for classic "SHERALEE" and founded in 1979 by IAN DICK. The first song is the title track, a great shot full of melody and right now interesting. Fancy hard rock enriched by vocals of RICHARD FROST. R.N.R goes on on the same way, with a quite simple structure; again fancy hard rock enhanced by a great solo. Last one is LITTLE BIG HORN, with a flute intro played by STEVE FROST, and a structure more complex. A great crescendo to end this EP..a good starter in waitin for a new full-lenght, the successor of last DEFIANT, out in 2015.

Soldier Nwobhm #pics 1-3 Hardrockheavymetal #pic 2 Band's fb 


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