BAND RITUAL STEEL ALBUM V LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 25/10/2019 OUR RATING 81/100 RITUAL STEEL from Germany have been familiar to classic metal fans for almost two decades. After last IMMORTAL, out in 2013, now it's finally time for comeback with a new platter called V, out via PURE STEEL RECORDS on Oct 25th. A giant dose of traditional heavy metal, both catchy and epic! Nine songs in this platter with an instrumental starting in first DOES TOMORROW EXIST, enhanced by classic elements such as twin guitars harmonies and mighty gallops. CIVIL UNREST shows more epic drops while JACK & HYDE is brilliant and more squared. KINGDOM OF DEATH, with a great solo, is an heavier shot while DOOMONIC POWER confirms trademarks of the band. THE EVIL ELITE is a fast run closer to speed, followed by CONFRONTATION ON THE FRONTLINES, a song with darker shades. Last two aces are classics RITUAL STEEL II and THE RITUAL STEEL HAMMER, with great changes of time, which end in the best way this great platter. TO SUGGEST!

TRACKLISTING 1. Does Tomorrow Exist 2. Civil Unrest 3. Jackyl & Hyde 4. Kingdom Of Death 5. Doomonic Power 6. The Evil Elite 7. Confrontation On The Frontlines 8. Ritual Steel II 9. The Ritual Steel Hammer

LINE-UP John Cason VC Sven Böge RG LG VC Martin Zellmer DR PERCUSSION #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion 


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