BAND Metalian ALBUM VORTEX LABEL High Roller Records OUT 12/7/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 METALIAN are a well-known name on our pages and after great MIDNIGHT RIDER on July 12th was out the third full-lenght of their career, VORTEX, first platter out directly via HIGH ROLLER RECORDS. Another fast album with right songs and a duration of 30 mins opened by an instrumental prologue where this band shows again their trademarks. Twin guitar passages, smashing riffs, a pressing rhythm section and solos always to remind! THE SIRENS WALL provides four mins of winning traditional heavy metal, fast and furious, enhanced by vocals able to offer a large range of solutions. Another hot shot is anthemic FULL THROTTLE, a kick in the teeth, no-frills song enhanced by stunning solo parts. Another fast gallop is VORTEX while LAND OF THE BRAVE takes an high level too. LIQUID FIRE remind us one of our fav NWOTHM band, NIGHT DEMON, and also BROKE DOWN is very focused. NO HOME is the last shot, more rockin', with solo parts quite impressive, and it ends in the best way this great comeback! TO SUGGEST!! Metalian High Roller Records 

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