BAND Iron Kingdom ALBUM ON THE HUNT LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 4/10/2019 OUR RATING 88/100 It's a pleasure when you have the chance to listening to bands such as IRON KINGDOM, true defenders of best tradition of our loved music. Inspired by masters such as JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN, they are well known for their energetic and electrifying stage presence, as well as for their gallops and runaways. Now they are ready with a new album entitled "On the Hunt", due out on October 4, 2019. With two new members in the lineup, there are new inspirations and approaches in the music while maintaining the traditional sound. WHITE WOLF is the first shot and you won't be disappointed..pressing riffs, vocals clear and grandiloquent, great gallops, twin guitars passages and awesome solo ingredients for a great recipe! DRIFTIN' THROUGH TIME seems immediately interesting, classic and inspired too while SIGN OF THE GODS, after a roll of drums, is faster and heavier, with vocals on high tones when it needs. Anthemic title for KEEP IT STEEL enhanced by two amazing solo parts; RAZE AND RUIN shows backing vocals well-groomed and sounds classic and heavy with the exception of a melodic break. ROAD WARRIORS is another great run, with runaways, starts and restarts that made it winning. More epic and evocative INVADERS, before increasing speed and unleash top level solos. PARAGON goes on in the same way and more thoughtful THE DREAM, with acoustic parts, ends in the best way one of our favourite classic metal platter of the year! TO SUGGEST!!

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