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ASSASSIN'S BLADE are ready to unleash their second beast..the title is GATHER DARKNESS and will be available on Oct 18th on PURE STEEL RECORDS. This band and this album are a must for all classic metal fans without compromises. The amazing voice of Canadian Jacques Bélanger, seen as singer of metal masters EXCITER, presents a full-length work for the second time with his Swedish group which includes ex-PORTRAIT guitarist David Stranderud and members of CULT OF THE FOX, all bands well-known on our pages. As abovementioned, three years ago, ASSASSIN'S BLADE debuted with "Agents of Mystification" and now with “Gather Darkness” are ready to enjoy us again. This album is on high level from the first song and we can find no fillers! TEMPT NOT (THE BLADE OF THE ASSASSIN) is the first shot and hit us with its style, between EXCITER and PRIEST, and with awesome vocals that provide a large range of solution. Powerful, epic, on highest tones.. JACQUES is in best shape! Rhythm section is a pressing war machine, structures are various and solo parts are always to remind. A great runaway to open CALL OF THE WATCH, another classic one, before the almost title track GATHER!, DARKNESS show epic drops and big personality. Great changes of time in THE CITY THAT WAITS, classic but wrapped in a dark environment, followed by DREAM SAVANT, between classic and power metal. An Halford attack to open GODS, dark and powerful, while THE GHOST OF ORION is another classic metal gem. The first of last three shots is THE THAUMATURGE which starts grandiloquent and in waitin' before a speed attack that surprise us all, but throughout the song we can find a melodic break and a great crescendo. I, OF THE STORM is another great gallop that opens SOIL OF THR DEAD, classic and powerful that ends in the best way this awesome job! NO DOUBT..ONE OF OUR HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR! TO SUGGEST!!

TRACKLIST 1. Tempt Not (The Blade Of The Assassin) 2. Call Of The Watch 3. Gather, Darkness! 4. The City That Waits 5. Dream Savant 6. Gods 7. The Ghost Of Orion 8. The Thaumaturge 9. I, Of The Storm 10. Soil Of The Dead

LINE-UP Jacques Bélanger VC David Stranderud GT Peter Svensson BG BV Bruno Buneck GT Marcus Rosenkvist DR BV #pressagent Pure Steel Records Pure Steel Promotion   


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