BAND Vortex, Heavy Metal ALBUM THEM WITCHES LABEL Gatesofhellrecords OUT 27/9/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 Dutch classic cult metal band Vortex are ready to celebrate their 40th anniversary with a new album entitled THEM WITCHES, available on Sept 27th, via GATES OF HELL RECORDS. Them Witches is a collection of songs unearthed from 1987 and he uncovered songs originally intended for the band’s third album, originally scheduled for 1987. Listening to this album we can find that it sounds fresh and it seems like time has stopped! SPIRITUALIEM, the first shot, starts squared and proud, with expressive vocals and great solo parts, while DEATH AT DAWN has a darker and more structured touch, before the first gallop, squared and powerful and it's another truck loved by all classic metal fans. I.C.U starts direct, in the way of first TYGERS OF PAN TANG, and it's another well-groomed song with great changes of time and inspired solo. On the same way the title track and GONNA HIT YOU, while TREMORIAL is more classic but less bloody. Great developments in NO BREATH, which is a song more fancy with solo parts to remind. We goes on with more rockin FEARLESS, with its biting riffs, and with FIVE FALL before THIRST THINGS FIRST ends in the best way this great return. From NWOBHM gallops to mid-tempo parts, Them Witches honors the best tradition of classic heavy metal !


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