BAND Dirty Rats ALBUM END IN TEARS LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 13/12/2019 OUR RATING 81/100 The aussie Dirty Rats are ready to unleash their second full length album entitled "End in Tears" on Dec 13th. 13 compositions full of hard rock, yes..that well played with a giant dose of rock'n'roll and blues!! Their influences are so clear: AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO, MÖTORHEAD but also many other things. High Voltage rock'n'roll since first songs THE JUICE or AXIS OF LOVE, with a beating rhythm section and smashing solos. Follow wilder LOVE FROM A DISTANCE, the more ordinary title track while in JADED and in THE BALLAD OF HOBBIT..the lesson of seventies AC/DC is clear. HURTS LIKE A MOTHER is enhanced by dark drops while anthemic BOSS OF ME brings us to classic style. FANTASY is another fresh boogie-roll while BAD NEWS WOMAN entertain us with us bloody AC/DC style. We have time for punky RAT ROCK before the son of RIDE ON called ROCK STAR ends in the best way this great platter. After several line up changes, Dirty Rats are now an explosive 4 piece band with this line up:  Wayne (Richie Rat) Rich VC  Jamie Beovich BG  Anthony (Chooka) Chapple GT  Andy Thomson DR

FRESH HARD'N'ROLL..TO SUGGEST!! #pressagent Black-Roos Entertainment


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