BAND Starborn ALBUM SAVAGE PEACE LABEL IRON SHIELD RECORDS OUT 27/9/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 Starborn are a band based in Newcastle in the north of England, which, after 1 demo and one EP, is ready to unleash its first full-lenght. The title is SAVAGE PEACE and will be available via IRON SHIELD RECORDS on Sept 27th. Starborn’s presence first became known with the limited release of its demo by Swords & Chains, which would go on to sell out promptly. Following they released ‘The Dreaming City’ which was quickly snapped up via Stormspell Records. The band would go on to share the stage with many bands (among others, Steelwing, Noctum, Seven Sisters, Risen Prophecy, Ranger, Battleaxe, Victorius) and also in BROFEST. They provides great classic metal riffs enhanced by complex structures and by true story-teller lyrics conjured from literature, graphic novels, film, and humanity’s darkest corners. Surely interesting! TO SUGGEST.

TRACKLIST 1. Existence Under Oath 2. Unwelcome 3. Beneath An Iron Sky 4. I Am The Clay 5. Lunar Labyrinth 6. Darkness Divine 7. Inked In Blood 8. Savage Peace

LINE-UP Bruce Turnbull VC Christopher A. Foley GT Sean Atkinson GT Dan Rochester BG James Charlton DR Social Media #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion 


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