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ALBUM ALL ABOARD LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 27/9/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 Swiss Hard Rock band DRIVING FORCE are not well known in music world but we're sure that people will change opinion listening to this album called ALL ABOARD, thanks to great songs, catchy when it needs, and to a great production. ALL ABOARD will be out on Sept 27th and it's self-released. You'll appreciate the right mix between the classic 80s style and modern drops! DOG HOUSE is the first shot, classic Hard Rock that reminds us somethin form first GOTTHARD; all instruments sound clear, bass is always present and riffing is always winning. Interesting guitar's solo to top it off! BLACK BEAUTY is more lilting while THE BATTLE sees rhythm growin' and it's heavier. Interesting again all solo parts. More "dirty" hard rock in next ALL ABOARD, clear sign that this band is able to do many things. AGAIN wink at more soft sound, while STICKY SHIT KID provides a great bloody hard rock. With LIKE A WEED, after a sweet arpeggio, we can see an appreciated hard rock classic and squared. We goes on with great DONT WALK AWAY and NEMESIS before RAZORBLADE and RAT RACE, heavier and two of our favs tunes which end in the best way this great platter! GREAT JOB..A BAND TO WATCH!

TRACKLISTING 1. Dog House 2. Black Beauty 3. The Battle 4. All Aboard 5. Again 6. Sticky Shit Kid 7. Like A Weed 8. Don't Walk Away 9. Nemesis 10. Razorblade 11. Rat Race


Thomas Mathis VC GT Andras Kokavecz GT Martin Frei BG VC Thomas Willareth DR Web: www.drivingforce.ch www.facebook.com/drivingforceband #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion


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