BAND SCREAMER ALBUM HIGHWAY OF HEROES LABEL THE SIGN RECORDS OUT 11/10/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 SCREAMER are a name well-known on our pages and this time, in previe, we have the chance to talk about new album called HIGHWAY OF HEROES, available on Oct 11th via THE SIGN RECORDS. Formed in 2009 in Sweden and with three full-lenght out (the last shot was the well-appreciated HELL MACHINE), with feet firmly planted in the best tradition of TRADITIONAL HM), they're ready to unleash their 4th beast! Again good tunes, good rhythm and good will not be surely disappointed! Screamer are a great band in studio but amazing live, if you have the chance to see them. They have been on tour with Bullet (2012 and 2018), Striker (2013), Evil Invaders (2013), Night Demon (2019), Satan (2019), RAM (2019) and many others. They've also played festivals such as Headbangers Open Air (2013), Rock Hard (2014), Summer Breeze (2014), Frost and Fire (2018), Muskelrock (2012, 2014, 2017 and 2019) and Bang Your Head (2019) and now they have well over 300 shows under their belt. For the first time the band has been able to build on the last release with an intact set of members and you can feel it throughout this platter. And, also for the first time, they've been working with an external producer, Gustav Hjortsjö from Bullet, who has really helped them to do the final LEAP. No fillers and all good songs, since squared RIDE ON, that opens the platter after a short intro. Vocals able to flyin' high and all sounds classic! SHADOW HUNTER is another great kick in the teeth, a song for true defenders, with pressing drums, roaring bass, crushing riffs and a powerful solo. Another attack is RIDER OF DEATH while SACRIFICE is less direct but more complete. We goes on with HALO and the title track, the second one a bit wider. On the same way OUT OF THE DARK and TOWERS OF BABYLON while more rockin' CAUGHT IN LIES ends in the best way this great album. ANOTHER RIGHT SHOT GUYS! TO SUGGEST!!

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