BAND Millennium ALBUM A NEW WORLD LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 25/10/2019 OUR RATING 86/100 NWOBHM band Millenium is a well-known name on our pages. Formed in Billingham in County Durham in 1982. After contributing the three songs “Steal Your Heart”, “Rock Was Meant For Me” and “Magic Mirror” to the “Pure Overkill” compilation in 1983, Millenium issued their self-titled debut album a year later. They eventually split up around 1988 and singer Marky Duffy went on joined Toranaga. After the reunion, the last fatigue was the awesome AWAKENING, positive received on our pages and now it's finally time for a follow up called A NEW WORLD, which will be available on Oct 25th via PURE STEEL RECORDS. After “A New World” was recorded, Darren Moore (drums) and Louis Astbury (guitar) were replaced by Nigel Waterfall Brown (drums) and legendary Black Rose axeman Kenny Nicholson on guitar. This platter provides the tipycal trademarks of the early times of NWOBHM, but this band, as seen in AWAKENING, is always able to add a deep own touch. GIVE ME A SIGN is the first shot, that begins with a classic riff, enriched by edgy vocals of MARK DUFFY and by an effective and squared solo. WORLD WAR 3 starts full of emphasis next becoming more squared, even though breathing a sinister wind. Patterns and structures are clear and solos never fail to enjoy us. ALL OUT WAR is another right shot with a riffing that gets under your bones; we can find again some darker parts. KING OF KINGS is powerful and grandiloquent, so classic, epic at times and solo part is again amazing. If in ASSASSIN and OBSOLETE they show their heavier side, in SUMMON THE DRAGONS we can a see a return to their standards. More rockin' KILL OR BE KILLED, with its crushin' solo, one of our favs, while wider VICTORY, perfect played live, is the last gem to end in the best way this brilliant return! NO, DOUBT..TO SUGGEST! NWOBHM ALIVE AND KICKIN'!!

TRACKLIST 1. Give Me A Sign 2. World War 3 3. A New World 4. All Out War 5. King Of Kings 6. Assassin 7. Summon The Dragons 8. Kill Or Be Killed 9. Obsolete 10. Victory

LINE-UP Mark Duffy VC William Philpot GT Paul Simpson BG Louis Astbury GT Darren Moore DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion 


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