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BAND No Bros ALBUM EXPORT OF HELL LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 13/9/2019 OUR RATING 86/100 To celebrate the 45th year of the band NO BROS are ready to unleash a new album called EXPORT OF HELL, available on Sept 13th via PURE STEEL RECORDS. They don't try to transform their sound, but they want to confirm their typical trademarks and all sounds good. The real news is WALT STUEFER, choosen as new singer. There are 10 new songs on this platter, plus two newly recorded NO BROS classics (Holiday With HH / 1982 & Black Maiden / 1983) as well as a song from the current SCHUBERT IN ROCK album "Commander Of Pain" (Little Boy / Pure Steel Records 2018, positive received on our pages). As a special highlight there is also an extraordinary "crossover song" to mention for which the following information is necessary to give especially for all "non-Austros": the song “Thousand Years Of Austro-Rock” stands as a monument to "music art made in Austria", which got a far too less attention in our country in the past years. Many artists would deserve much more. On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of NO BROS, KLAUS SCHUBERT asked befriended musicians from all kinds of music genres to record a crossover song.

As abovementioned, we can find all typical trademark of the band, a classic hard rock sound keyboards driven with fancy guitar parts and vocals well-groomed. THIS IS NO BROS, the first shot, starts with a bluesy attack and with all instruments that come in one by one, while LOVE OR HATE ME is a track wider and with an own style. They goes on with FADE, that begins with a sharp riff and it grows second after second, before opening to a great guitar solo followed by keyboards, reminding us awesome "wars" between Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore. Again excellent the title track, before more squared RIPPED TO PIECES. ALCOHOL AND BAD DECISIONS is full of power and rhythm with instruments free to wander, before the instrumental interlude RAINBOWS IN THE DUST introduces two last new songs, more epic THEATRE OF DREAMS and awesome WAY DOWN TO THE EDELWEISS. ONE OF OUR HARD ROCK HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR? YES!

TRACKLIST 1. This Is No Bros 2. Love Or Hate Me 3. Fade 4. Export Of Hell 5. Ripped To Pieces 6. Alcohol And Bad Decisions 7. Rainbows In The Dust 8. Theatre Of Dreams 9. Way Down To The Edelweiss 10. Black Maiden (Bonustrack) 11. Holiday With HH (Bonustrack) 12. Little Boy (Bonustrack) 13. Thousand Years Of Austro Rock 14. 1000 Years - The Video #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion


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