BAND Black Steam ALBUM BLACK STEAM LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 20/9/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 BLACK STEAM is an HM band from Sweden formed in last slice of 2017. Next year they released four singles digitally on all streaming services and now, on Sept 20th, it's finally time for a a four track EP. The record is self released and produced On September 20 the EP will be released in a few selected swedish stores and Band's website, Parallel to the disc release, the EP will also be available digitally on all streaming services. BLACK STEAM is now working on their first full lenght, planned to be released during 2020. PAIN is the first shot with a classic HM riffing but with a modern flavour; the environment is a little darker; interesting the central brake where can find space vocals and guitar's solo. More sinister the beginning of TO YOUR GRAVE, with sharp riffs and a great guitar solo. Interesting also next SOUL REAPER while last MOTHERLAND, our favourite, is the song more complete and wider. An interesting appetizer in waitin' for the first full lenght!

LINE UP Stefan Borg VC Wilhelm Glanz GT Jan Högström GT Hans Liljebladh BG Oscar Rask DR #pics Band promo and FB 


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