BAND Toxikull ALBUM CURSE AND PUNISHED LABEL Metal On Metal Records OUT 13/9/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 Toxikull from Portugal are well known for their relentless sound attack and for right taste mixing the best elements that forge HM: impressive vocals, a pressing rhythm section and blazing guitar leads. Now, the portuguese band returns in their maximum force with the follow-up “Cursed and Punished”, set to be released on September 13th via Metal on Metal Records. Recorded at Demigod Recordings with producer Miguel Tereso, "Cursed and Punished" consists of 10 tracks of pure evil metal, taking the concepts of speed/heavy and thrash metal to a different level. After an intro, it's time for CURSED AND PUNISHED, a speed metal run with the taste of amazing bands such as VULTURE..great changes of time, a wide range of vocals solutions, KING DIAMOND drops, and solo parts to remind. SACRED WHIP runs faster, vocals are again awesome with fine technical entanglements while KILLER NIGHT shows also somethin' more classic. HELLUMINATE is closer to traditional HM, grows second after second while THE REVIVAL is an interlude that opens RISING DUST. DARK GLORY is more classic with vocals on high levels, an hell of starts and restarts, while SPEED BLOOD METAL is an endless furious attack. The last shot is IN THE NAME OF THE EVIL, more classic, that ends in the best way this awesome job!! SURELY TO SUGGEST! LINE UP Lex Thunder VC GT Michael Blade LG Antim the Viking BG VC Garras DR TRACKLIST 1.The Summoning Pit 2.Cursed and Punished 3.Sacred Whip 4.Killer Night 5.Helluminate 6. The Revival 7.Rising Dust 8.Dark Glory 9.Speed Blood Metal 10. In the Name of the Evil #pressagent Against PR 

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