BAND Desert ALBUM FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 30/7/2019 OUR RATING 80/10 DESERT, well-known band from ISRAEL formed in 2002, are out for a few days with a new album with the anthemic title FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE. The trademark of this band is raw War Metal enhanced by twin-guitar engines, crunchy vocals and fast drums. Produced/recorded/mixed/mastered by Alex Zvulun in A.G. Studio , Tel Aviv, Israel.'Fortune Favors The Brave' album is available since July 30th worldwide on digipak CD and all streaming platforms. Honestly it's an album that we have listened to many times and we believe this the right way to appreciate it. FIX BAYONETS! or next SONS OF WAR and OPERATION THUNDERBOLT don't convince completely us all, but since the title track things begin to change. Power metal fresh with more classic metal drops, enhanced by keyboards, which will be a real added value throughout all platter, anthemic chorus in MY BLACK FLAG, one of our favs, with keyboards starring again. HAJDUK'S REVENGE starts with an "oriental"intro, a song which grows second after second with sharp riffing and an embracing structure. After I GAVE YOU A KINGDOM, WE WERE SOLDIERS is a song with many solutions, melodic and more catchy at times, but able to be complex too. BLOOD ON THE SAND is a great war power metal song, before SYMBOL TO BELIEVE ends in the best way this great album. SURELY INTERESTING!

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