BAND Faithsedge ALBUM BLEED FOR PASSION LABEL Scarlet Records - SPIRITUAL BEAST (Japan) OUT 26/7/2019 OUR RATING 84/100 If you like DOKKEN, STRYPER and all "class metal", I believe that a FAITHSEDGE album is a must. They're a "supergroup" led by GIANCARLO FLORIDIA, with ALEX DE ROSSO on guitar (ex DOKKEN), TIM GAINES on bass (STRYPER), and MATT STARR on drums (MR.BIG). GIANCARLO FLORIDIA is a well-known name in hard'n'heavy scene, having worked with members of RATT, and HARDLINE, among others. Now FAITHSEDGE are ready to be the right heir of big hard rock band of 80's, ad abovementioned STRYPER or DOKKEN. BACK FROM THIS is the first shot with shredding riffs, clear vocals catchy when it needs, with multi layers and spoken words and an effective solo. ANGELIC, the first single, shows the flavour of RATT or DOKKEN, enhanced by 90's AOR drops, while ACCEPTANCE goes on in the same way before THROW THE SCARS provides more rhythm, thanks to MATT STARR, always with the right mood. A bit of relax with the ballad I KNOW I NEED TO LET YOU GO, enhanced by great solo parts. GIRL WHEN seems the speed high again, a sunny song really well-groomed with two guitars of DE ROSSO and FLORIDIA that works in unison. More squared SKY, while I'VE CHANGED and BLEEDING WITH MEMORIES hit the mark. REFLECTING A VOICE is one of our favs, with its energy. An acoustic versions of ANGELIC ends in the best way this fancy work. An album that shows the flavour of 80's but with the right mood and a contemporary and powerful production. It sound fresh and smart! TO SUGGEST!

LINE UP  Giancarlo Floridia  - Vocals/ Guitar   Tim Gaines (Stryper)  - Bass Guitar   Matt Starr (Mr.Big/ Ace Frehley)  - Drums   Alex De Rosso (Dokken)  - Lead Guitar  #pressagent GIANCARLO FLORIDIA


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