BAND Sinner ALBUM SANTA MUERTE LABEL AFM RECORDS OUT 14/9/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 It's amazing when an artist such as Mat Sinner, who led his band for more than 35 years, after over a dozen studio albums (plus a number of live recordings and compilations), involved in band such as PRIMAL FEAR or in many projects such as ROCK MEETS CLASSIC, is able to unleash an album like this. And he's able to take risks also in this SANTA MUERTE, out via AFM RECORDS on Sept 13th. But let’s begin with the most clear innovation: Santa Muerte features, for the first time in the history of the band, a permanent second lead vocalist, alongside frontman Mat. This voice is female, hails from Venice and answers to the name of Giorgia Colleluori, well known thanks to experience in ETERNAL IDOL band and as backing vocalist in ROCK MEETS CLASSIC project. GIORGIA is a top player, she has attitude, technique and power and fits in really well with Sinner. Colleluori’s vocal range is a real added value and opens new doors for the future of the band. The second news "are" Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders) and Ronnie Romero (Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow, Coreleoni) as special guests. Other guests on Santa Muerte are Primal Fear member Magnus Karlsson on ‘Death Letter’ and background vocalist Sascha Krebs, already seen on previous Sinner's album. SHINE ON is a song full of rhythm and a brilliant start with GIORGIA ready to surprise all fans. FIESTA Y COPAS, well known as single, with Mat as lead singer, is an hard rock song son of THIN LIZZY, with a smart and powerful production (a trademark of this album). The title track, with over 6 mins lenght, shows an hard rock more 80's, with a winning riff and with the first solo parts to remind. LAST EXIT HELL provides an heavier riffing in the first slice and there's space for both lead vocals. Second after second develops itself in somethin' closer to hard rock before an effective solo. WHAT WENT WRONG and LUCKY 13 are other songs with a powerful THIN LIZZY's flavour, with the second more catchy in the chorus. DEATH LETTER has a particular significance: most fans know the White Stripes’ version of this bluesy number, which originally dates back to 1930 and was composed by delta blues icon Son House, who rerecorded it in 1965 but didn’t release it until 1985. Sinner lends the traditional song a modern flavour and Giorgia Colleluori adds some sparkling freshness. CRAVING is more ordinary while THE WOLF begins with bass and more squared riffs where GIORGIA hit us again. She's amazing again also in MISTY MOUNTAIN, with slow rhythms and more melody. Two last shots are THE BALLAD OF JACK and STORMY NIGHTS, the second with both singers on lead vocals, after an instrumental intro and solo parts again to remind. Sinner have delivered another outstanding album, recorded by a line-up consisting of excellent artists, such as guitarist/co-composer Tom Naumann and Alex Scholpp as well as drummer and new addition Markus Kullmann (ex-Voodoo Circle). TO SUGGEST!

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