BAND Crypt Sermon ALBUM THE RUINS OF FADING LIGHT LABEL Dark Descent Records OUT 13/9/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 CRYPT SERMON return with their highly anticipated new album, entitled The Ruins of Fading Light, out on Sept 13th via DARK DESCENT RECORDS. A follow up to 2015's critically acclaimed debut Out of the Garden, The Ruins of Fading Light is a collection of existential meditations set to the backdrop of looming, apocryphal vestiges from a lost dark age. The lyrics explore the limits of faith and family, life and loss, strength and pride. Between thundering riffs and plaintive acoustic moments, the music explores new territories on the landscape of epic doom and heavy metal. This epic trip consists of sevent songs and three interludes, at times cinematic, that enrich the structure of this album. The first shot is THE NINTH TEMPLAR (BLACK CANDLE FLAME), that starts epic, with powerful riffs and a fitting rhythm section, with vocals which are a real added value, the whole thing enriched by a solo inspired and technical. KEY OF SOLOMON is a great example of powerful doom while OUR REVEREND'S GRAVE goes on with its epic doom powerful and hieratic, with drops of more traditional metal, all enhanced by a great structure and by a technical solo. A modern production hit us, able to exalt all instruments and vocals. CHRIST IS DEAD is darker and less fast and, after bass and a part in waitin', it's time for a chushing riff. This song will show many surprises, with several changes of time and more thoughtful and lilting moments. THE SNAKE HANDLER is a great example of classic metal, less dark but always with many surprises, changes of time, a great runaway and, obviously, another magic solo. Almost 8 mins lenght both for BENEATH THE TORCHFIRE GLARE, that reminds us the inspiration of last CANDLEMASS, and for THE RUINS OF FADING LIGHT, lilting and with effective vocals again, to end in the best way this brilliant return!! TO SUGGEST!! ------ The Ruins of Fading Light was again recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Eternal Champion, Sumerlands, and more) at Creep Records. Album art credit: Brooks Wilson LINE UP Brooks Wilson (vocals) Steve Jannson (guitars) James Lipczynski (guitars) Frank Chin (bass) Enrique Sagarnaga (drums) #pressagent ClawHammer PR 


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