BAND The Trigger ALBUM THE TIME OF MIRACLES LABEL MASSACRE RECORDS OUT 26/7/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 Female fronted band from Serbia THE TRIGGER is out for a few days, via MASSACRE RECORDS, with a new album called THE TIME OF MIRACLES. Active Since 2005 in their local scene, they have released three acclaimed album in their language, supporting them with a large number of shows. This band provides a great contemporary metal album with fancy female vocals, downtuned heavy guitars, several guests, all enhanced by a modern and powerful production. We can find anyway, throughout the long lenght of the album, catchy and groovy guitar structures and fancy melodies, but this band is able to deliver a different range of solutions. Sharp riffs in PRAY, the first shot with a squared approach..a fresh and modern song that at times remind us the vibe of ALTER BRIDGE, enhanced by both sophisticated and catchy vocals. DONT FEED THE CANNYBALLS , with the first guest on vocals, sees increasing the groovy mood, while ASHES AND BONES, provides sharp riffs with electronic drops, in the midst of a contemporary melodic metal song. KINGDOM WILL NEVER COME is an interesting track, attractive, followed by WHAT HAVE WE BECOME, that shows the darker side of the band. IF OUT OF CLAY, after a melodic intro, goes on in the same way of PRAY, BOOM, with double vocals male/female, provides many other solutions. After USED UP AND DEAD, a good shot is..GOOD DOG, which evolves before exploding in a great guitar solo. More epic and grandiloquent HAPPY NEW YEAR, before REALITY and ABYSS, the second complex and maybe progressive, end in the best way this great platter!

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