BAND White Mantis ALBUM DONT SACRIFICE YOUR FUTURE LABEL IRON SHIELD RECORDS OUT 13/9/2019 OUR RATING 86/100 Formed in Munich, Germany, in 2012, the four-piece band WHITE MANTIS mix traditional German-style Thrash Metal with drops of black thrash, but being able to made an own style.. After their first demo-CD “Fukkin’ Demo” (2014) and several lineup-changes the band is now ready to unleash their debut album entitled “Sacrifice Your Future”.  The album’s ten songs were written in the years after the release of the demo-CD, with the exception of “My favourite Chainsaw”, which was re-recorded for the album. Within the songs social and personal issues are depicted, sometimes through the lens of a fictional,post-apocalyptic setting. They start with CANNIBALS STATE, classic thrash with pressing drums and effective vocals, enhanced by a great solo. BLEACHED is a furious attack with technical interludes while MY FAVOURITE CHAINSHOW starts in solo, before a fast run opens to a more classic elements. THERE'S NO LAW..., after a thoughtful intro, grows in more classic way, being one of our favs of this platter. DEMONIC LEVITY is a speed thrash infernal attack and you can feel the smell of the evil!! ORDINARY LOSER is a song in comfort zone, thrash both technical and lilting, but is able to made the right emphasis without being boring, followed by great too DOWN THIS WAY. CAVERN OF THE ANCIENTS starts in waitin' , more classic but vocals are able to add a wilder side. After another right shot, the squared CATCHER IN THE GREY, it' s turn for awesome TYRANTS, with its complex structure, to end in the better way this great platter! SURELY TO SUGGEST!

TRACKLIST 1. Cannibal State 2. Bleached 3. My Favourite Chainsaw 4. There`s No Law On The Post-Apocalyptic Highway 5. Demonic Levity 6. Ordinary Loser 7. Down This Way 8. Cavern On The Ancients 9. Catcher In The Grey 10. Tyrants Total Playing Time: 38:30 min LINE-UP Matthias Pletz VC GT Andre Krimbacher GT Jan Strobl BG Thomas Taube DR https://www.facebook.com/white.mantis/ https://whitemantisthrash.bandcamp.com/ https://myspace.com/white.mantis https://www.reverbnation.com/whitemantis #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion  


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