#review BAND As I May ALBUM MY OWN CREATIONS LABEL ROCKSHOTS RECORDS / SPIRITUAL BEAST OUT 24-26/7/2019 OUR RATING 70/100 Finnish contemporary metal band is out for a few days out with their second album MY OWN CREATIONS, out via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS in Europe/USA and via SPIRITUAL BEAST in JAPAN. This new platter is a blend of modern metal with metalcore drops. It’s heavy and melodic at the same time, sonically more mature than previous release "Speak No Evil" (2017). We can feel a more digital environment, providing heavier parts and catchy choruses. Track Listing: 1. End of The Beginning (0:39) 2. Pride Goes Before A Fall (3:30) 3. What A Waste of Life (3:34) 4. I See You In Me (3:30) 5. Silent (4:12) 6. Necessary Evil (3:42) 7. Cure Is Worse Than Disease (3:08) 8. Quiet Place (3:49) 9. Loud (3:54) Album Length: 30:03 For more info: Rockshots: Official Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: #pressagent Asher Media Relations Rockshots Records SPIRITUAL BEAST 


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