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BAND Weapon-UK ALBUM GHOSTS OF WAR LABEL PURE STEEL RECORDS OUT 27/9/2019 OUR RATING 90/100 WEAPON, well known on our pages, was originally formed in 1980 as FAST RELIEF, before they caused a furor as WEAPON in the underground. Despite critical acclaim and a UK tour supporting Motörhead, the band couldn't break through as an artist, because of managerial problems and broke up after two years. In 2005 the original lineup reformed for a couple of warm updates in London before a very successful appearance at Headbangers-Open-Air Ball, Germany on July 8th.  In 2010 Danny Hynes & Jeff Summers, original members, decided to reform dedinitively the band. Their first real album was "Rising from the Ashes" , released in 2014, almost as a comeback album! This was preceded by a renaming of WEAPON in WEAPON UK for legal problems. Danny Hynes and Jeff Summer, along with Tony Forsythe (Bass/Vocals), and Darren Lee (Drums) will release their new album ‘Ghosts Of War‘ on Sept 27th via PURE STEEL RECORDS.. The album contains ten new compositions + a remake of their 1980s single classic "Set The Stage Alight" as a (ONLY) vinyl bonus track. And after this long preamble, let's talk about music! An amazing album, really well groomed and produced, with no fillers and only songs to remind! Yes the production is really awesome and able to extol all instruments and all vocals! On the title track "Ghosts of War", the first shot, the band have as ‘guest vocalist’Clare Cunningham (ex-THUNDERMOTHER); it starts grandiloquent with a riff strong and powerful. This song hit us immediately, with its embracing drummin, its inspired guitar solo and its heavy "metallized" rock! More rhythm in next QUEEN OF THE RIDE, with DANNY that rules with his carisma, an hard rock song really compelling! After a great arpeggio, REDMAN starts with its fancy classic rock, while the second slice is heavier; in SEA OF HOPE vocals parts are really to remind and structures are surely more complex. EMERALD GOD starts with a roaring bass in pole position, with fast guitar's solo and vocals always effective. TOURNIQUET begins with a riff that gets into your bones; the central part of the song is almost progressive and solo are always considerable. ALL I NEED shows a great heavy rock sound with squared riffs and it's more easy to receive, while HELL ON HEART shows a great structure with many solutions. '79 REVISITED bring us back to the golden era of first cries of NWOBHM and solo is only.. SPECIAL! The end is for a reprise of GHOSTS  OF WAR. BRILLIANT..NWOBHM ALWAYS ALIVE AND KICKIN!

TRACKLIST (CD) 1. Ghosts Of War 2. Queen Of The Ride 3. Redman 4. Sea Of Hope 5. Emerald God 6. Tourniquet 7. All I Need 8. Hell On Earth 9. '79 Revisited 10. G.O.W. Reprise (Bonustrack)

LINE-UP Danny Hynes VC Jeff Summers GT VC Tony Forsythe BG VC Darren Lee DR Special guest: Clare Cunningham (Ghosts Of War) VC #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion Pure Steel Records 

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