BAND Sin Savage ALBUM LOST IN THE DARK (EP) LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 30/5/2019 OUR RATING 83/100 Sin Savage, previously known as ‘Nightmare BE’, is a Belgian hard'n'heavy band, founded in 2011 by Kristof Michiels, Zan Geeraerts and Jasper Vanderheyden, followed by drummer Vassili Golfidis who joined the band in 2013. After several gigs, they unleashed the debut ‘Dirt’ in 2015, containing 11 self-written songs. In 2018, Kristof decided to part ways with the band, with Andreas Timmerman which would before a new member. With this line up was published two months ago an EP entitled LOST IN THE DARK. The first shot is the title-track that begins with a 40 sec instrumental intro before an attack that opens an effective hard rock sound, enhanced by interesting solo parts. HOT ON YOUR HEELS starts with another hard rock tune, son of 80's, before developing in somethin' closer to classic metal. Again a great solo, sparkling and never granted! DOWN ON THE GROUND is an almost three mins warm and wrapping instrumental tune, while THROUGH THE GATES, which introduces sharp riffing, pressing rhythms, before a more epic part, ends in the best way this great EP. SURELY INTERESTING!!

LINE UP Zan Geeraerts VC GT Vassili Golfidis DR Andreas Timmerman BG Jasper Vanderheyden GT #pressagent Hard Life Promotion 

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