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BAND Kryptos ALBUM AFTERBURNER LABEL AFM RECORDS OUT 5/7/2019 OUR RATING 84/100 AFTERBURNER is the 5th studio album made by KRYPTOS, the well-known NWOTHM band from INDIA. Long and pressing runaways, such as in the title track, solos never granted, the whole thing enhanced by parts more lilting an by raspy vocals of NOLAN LEWIS. Surely one of the more famous band in their country, KRYPTOS were first band from INDIA seen at WACKEN OPEN AIR. With a sound that was able to mix classix metal and thrash, with this album we can see a sound closer to first . Squared riffing and a style proud of the roots, ready to raise the flag of pure traditional HM! TO SUGGEST! #wordsandpics Band's Fb  


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