💿 Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL, ONE HOUR HELL !! Welcome!! It´s an pleasure to  talk to you guys!  💿 On Sept 13th will be out your new platter called VOIDWALKER! Can you tell us somethin'about its composition process and style? Yes indeed! We've been working very hard on this album and composing its music, an enourmous amount of hours has been used to set up, organizing and constructing the songs to have a consistent, easy to the ear vibe, yet to be interesting and "groundbreaking", we've worked towards composing something that stands out but still finds its roots in similar genres. All of the members have sort of a different taste in music which is the result in the "style" of the album, which is both black-, death- but also progressive metal. This combination of genres is something we feel comfortable with as its a mixture of our personal tastes.  💿    Can you tell us somethin'about the birth of your passion for music? Which bands and artists have influenced you the most? Well, music has always been close to our hearts and plays a huge part in our daily lives, it's a great and powerful tool to express and ventilate emotions and feelings towards life's up and downs. So, it all comes natural in passion, both listening to it and creating it. We listen to so many different bands so it's very hard to pinpoint them as they all influence us in one way or another and it is a hard "competition" today to write music if you want to stand out, as there are so many talented musicians out there that has written a lot of good stuff already. But that also gives us a lot of influense on the other hand. Back to the question! Three bands that has influenced us the most: Decapitated, Gojira and Cattle Decapitation.   💿    The real "news" in music industry is the return of VINYL and CASSETTE; what's your feeling about these classic format and thecurrent music "business"? We love the comeback of the cassette's and the vinyl's and we're releasing our album in a vinyl format which can be preordered now at various stores! It all started with the physical formats, when you went to the store to buy a cd or a vinyl and it still has a charm to it. And a physical album comes with music, artwork, and lyrics, so it's a bit more than just the music itself, it's the whole experience that should be percieved, to make your own personal binding with the album. The current business is a step towards a different direction where you don't have the actual physical format but now you have music more easily accessible and portable through spotify/itunes etc with your phone, though, you probably don't get the full experience and charm but the music can easily be shared and small bands grow in a different way through this current business Which is great. 

 💿  Can you tell us somethin' about your live projects? We're discussing tours, shows and we have some ideas and we've gotten a few interesting offers at the moment. We just need to organize everything and sit down and plan it!    💿    Amazing cover for VOIDWALKER! Can you tell us somethin'about? Thank you! We're very proud of it and Abstract Chaos did an exellent job and we found that his artwork fit our progress in the band and the album itself. We've gone through different stages throughout the previous albums with new members and new influences, from thrash, death-, to black- and progressive metal. And now we've landed where we're satisfied. The albumcover illustrates our change perfectly.  💿    Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL#pressagent Palmer Turner Overdrive


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