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BAND Elvenking ALBUM READER OF THE RUNES - DIVINATION LABEL AFM Records OUT 30/8/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 ELVENKING will RELEASE their new album called READER OF THE RUNES - DIVINATION on Air 30th, a Gian via AFM RECORDS. Founder in 1997, they are ready to unleash a new act of a brilliant career, showing a great mix of HM music with FOLK and PAGAN influences. This 10th work is a concept album, an adventurous trip into a music world of runes, magic and ancient power, enhanced by solid metal, power metal runaways and by a modern and powerful production. Surely we can say that READER OF THE RUNES - DIVINATION is the most epic album ever recorded by the band, soundin' at the same time fresh and smart but always with the classic trademark mood of the band. After an intro, HEATEN DIVINE starts with a fancy arpeggio that opens a sparkling power metal tune. Great DIVINATION shows melodic parts mixed with stronger metal elements before the long runaway of SILVERSEAL. If THE MISFORTUNE OF VIRTUE is almost progressive with great changes of time, ETERNAL ELEANOR and DIAMONDS IN THE NIGHT introduce folk elements. UNDER THE SIGN OF A BLACK STAR opens again with folk mood before developing itself in somethin' closer to melodic contemporary metal. Grandiloquent MALEFICA DOCTRINE in the first slice before changing in modern metal dune, all enhanced by two great solo parts. After SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS and WARDER OF THE BANE, READER OF THE RUINES - BOOK 1 ends in the best way possibile this fancy return.



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