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BAND Mirrorplain ALBUM LOST IN LARADISE LABEL Fastball Music OUT 19/7/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 With their second album called "Lost In Paradise", out on July 19th via FASTBALL MUSIC, Mirrorplain provide eleven songs with a great mix of style. Compared to the previous album “Path Of Salvation” from 2017, these songs definitely up the game in every aspect. Their music moves itself between comtemporay hard rock/metal and alternative. The band is very focused on sound, enriched by powerful and transparent production by Hilton Theissen (“Dark Millenium”). Singer Christian Döring shows his ability with his vocals, rough but with melodic drops when it needs. Songs like “Judgement Day” or “Drown” get under the skin and captivate the listener due to epic arrangements and a dramatic composition which goes straight to the legs and to the heart. Towards the end of the album, the band presents a more than proper finale with the melancholy and escalating rock ballad “Faceless World”. In time for the album release, the band will be european support of QUEENSRYCHE and FIREWIND.

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