BAND  Unknown Decoy ALBUM Seeking The Sun (EP) LABEL Inverse Records OUT 28/6/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 UNKNOWN DECOY from Finland are out with their debut EP called SEEKING THE SUN out via INVERSE RECORDS. In their music the band, with a courageous approach, creates a mix of hard rock and more modern metal. Catchy singing melodies and animalistic rasp-singing take turns dynamically within the songs, enhanced by doom parts. Surely a band that likes show different things; in DAVAJ! they provide an hard rock tune enhanced by strong riffs while in TEST ANIMAL we can feel somethin' that reminds Hardcore Superstar mixed with modern metal. In PRAISE THE SUN they start with doom, before unleashin an hard rock song with a modern flavour. Sharp attitude in THE MEN before FLASH ends in the best way this debut. A BAND TO KEEP AN EY ON!



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