💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal KENNY GEERTS of ETERNAL BREATH!! Welcome!! On June 28th was out your new platter called WORLD OF CHAOS. Can you tell us somethin’about its composition process and style and the meaning of the title? Lyrics and the music of this album are based on a world full of chaos. There is a lot of shit happening in the world. Also good things ofcourse but we though this title would be perfect to name this new album. The music is hard, evil & lyrics are based on chaos happening all around us! We wanted to continue with what we finished our last abum. The music based on the Joker album but we tried to put more details into it. Worked on some good harmonies between the guitarplayers, some more double bassdrum which creates a wider style of playing compared to the previous album. 💿 Your new album is out via Sliptrick Records; can you tell us somethin' about relationship with them? First of all we really wanted to release our newest album through a record label. Contacted some labels and had a good feedback from almost all of them. That was great! So we just had to choose for the best deal what we wanted to achieve and do. This leaded us to Sliptrick records. Communication is at its best. We’re really happy with them! Sliptrick records is helping us reach more people with what we made of music. it is almost impossible if you don't have those contacts and doing this by yourself. 💿 Can you tell us somethin'about the birth of your passion for music? Which bands and artists have influenced you the most? I was just 5 when my father (ex drummer) told i should start drumming. It would be really awesome. So i did that and he started learning guitar. Now 22 years later i’m still doing this! I even grabbed my father's guitar and also started learning to play guitar too. My father was also a metalhead who wanted to show his son really all of it. So my first concert ever was Judas Priest with Tim Ripper Owens back in 1998-1999... not knowing i would be touring with Tim Ripper Owens his band The Three Tremors about 20yrs later! Like I said I play guitars too, played in Wizz Wizzard who unfortunately is over now because of the death of our singer Wizz. My influences are wide. For guitars i concentrated myself a lot on Children Of Bodom & death! Drumming was morely influenced by watching tons of bands playing at festivals, saw thousands of other drummers playing because of doing stagehands at different of metalfestivals. 💿 The real “news” in music industry is the return of vinyl and cassette; what’s your feeling about these classic format and the current music “business”? I think vinyl and cassete are just awesome! I grow up using those and it is all coming back now! We can see the selling of regular CD's is going down rapidly. I have to admit... My playlists are all digital now. I just don't like to use CD's anymore because for example there is no shuffle modus on it between much more artists. But to be honest, when i buy music, i rather buy some vinyl than buying a CD. Vinyl is bigger, original and bigger, just imagine that you can play it this way! Unfortnately we don't have any vinyl. BUT we have old cassettes from first recordings back in the 90's! 💿 Can you tell us somethin’ about your live projects? I been playing in several bands before and during Eternal Breath. One of the bands was Razon, that was a cool project. We never had a life performance though, but Robin was also playing guitars in Razon. We knew each other for a long time before that but that's where the music brought us together for the first time! I also played drums in a coverband called Back Attack which lasted for almost 3 years with members from Eternal Breath (Marino & Andy). I had to leave the band because of having it too busy with other projects. That moment i joined the band Wizz Wizzard & was playing guitar. I really loved playing in Wizz Wizzard because I knew the band for years. we were long time friends! I also morely like to perform as guitarist (live) than drumming because you're kinda more connected with the crowd! Unfortunately we decided to stop because Wizz, (singer & former of the band) died after a long battle against cancer.

💿 Amazing cover for WORLD OF CHAOS! Can you tell us somethin'about? The album is designed by Guy Commeene. “World Of Chaos” is based on a world full of misery, difficulties and chaos. The artworks needed to show you a world that is at its end. Abandoned, burnt down, destroyed and actually totally over. Except that one survivor who looked evil... Yes you see it right... This is the same guy who was on the cover of our first record “The Joker”. This time he is looking much more misterious. There is the link to the whole album. Mysterious, evil, danger and misery... but also the other side of the story which shows the one guy who is still standing strong through all what is left. The strong fighter in other words; don’t gove up, fight for what you have and want to achieve. there is more at the end of the tunnel! Nearly all songs can be linked to this album title or artworks. so this seemed to be perfect! 💿 Lastly, you come from BELGIUM.. Can you tell us somethin about your local metal scene?

The metalscene here in Belgium is quite good! We got some regions where the metal is more alive than somewhere else, for example my regio, West Flanders (Kortrijk). You have so many events, lots of times events are even overlapping... unfortunately. But this is still better than living in a city that has no metal events or anything! The amount of people having a metalband here is also quite a lot. Every want to play live &sell merchandise! lots of goodbands can be found here! but you better start with Eternal Breath ofcourse! Haha. 💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal! Cheers & rock on! Buy our CD & come check us out live! You won't be dissapointed! #pics Band's Fb  


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