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BAND Scarlet Rebels ALBUM SHOW YOUR COLOURS LABEL ROAR - rock of angels records OUT 9/8/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 Melodic/classic hard rock band Scarlet Rebels were formed from the foundations of rock band V0iD. Singer Wayne Doyle, drummer Gary Doyle and bassist Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde were joined by lead guitarist Chris Jones and on second guitar/keyboards, by Josh Townshend, of The Who guitarist Simon Townshend and the nephew of rock icon Pete Townshend. This platter provides 14 various tracks, full of melodies, well-groomed choruses, blistering guitars and heavy-duty drums. A different range of solutions where classic hard rock songs are enriched by a modern production that makes contemporary the sound of the band. In YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY, we can feel the fancy touch of bands such as The Answer while they are able to scratch in HEADS IN THE GROUND. They are more sophisticated in PART OF ME while in HEAL or BLINDED BY THE PAIN melody prevails. Contemporary melodic hard rock in LET YOUR LOVE GO, in NOTHING TO SAY or IN THE LAST CAN I OPEN MY EYES. There are different bonus tracks present in the different versions; RADIO SONG is surely our fav! Scarlet Rebels prove on this album that songwriting, melodies, guitars, solos, bass and drums won’t ever go out of fashion. 

A GREAT JOB! TO SUGGEST. LINE UP Wayne Doyle VC GT Chris Jones LG Josh Townshend GT Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde BG Gary Doyle DR TRACKLIST 1. No One Else To Blame 2. You Take My Breath Away 3. Head's In The Ground 4. Part Of Me 5. Heal 6. Let Your Love Go 7. Nothing to Say 8. Save Me 9. Blinded By The Pain 10. Shattered Dreams 11. Can I Open My Eyes 

12. Returning Light Digital Release (Bonus Tracks): 13. Losing End (Bonus Track - Digital Only) 14. Radio Song (Bonus Track - Digital Only) #pressagent Gordeon Music


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