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BAND My Wooden Pillow - MWP ALBUM HIDDEN LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 04/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 MWP was created in 2009 by guitarist composer Hassan Alemdar and started playing live in 2010. They played countless shows in and around Manchester, before unleashing a demo in 2011 and in 2012 won the regional "Metal to the Masses" and appeared at Bloodstock Festival. In 2013 Chris took over the drums and the following year they released the EP , “uncomfortable”. 2018 finds MWP with a new line up, with Kamila on vocals, Luke on guitar both from the groove metal band AWAKER, Tom on drums, also a member of the prog metal band KONOM. and David on bass,from the rockfunkrappers PUBLIK SEKTOR. In March 2019 MWP have already finished the new 5 song EP "HIDDEN". VEIN OF AFFLICTION is the the first shot, a powerful and groovy contemporary metal song, with a good production that exalts qualities of the band. REVOLUTION OF TEARS shows a different range of vocals solutions while NATURE'S SIN, after a fast start in solo, shows darker shades, good accelerations and great changes of time. Sharp riffs in HIDDEN, surely with a more melodic approach, while COLLATERAL DAMAGE ends in the best way this great EP Great job guys! TO SUGGEST! 

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