ūüíŅ Hi,¬†it's a¬†pleasure for¬†us to have¬†on¬†Hardrockheavymetal BILL BEADLE of¬†SACRILEGE!!¬†Welcome!! ¬†Thanks Gio I'm pleased to be here. ūüíŅ¬†On¬†Aug¬†2nd¬†will be¬†out your new platter¬†called¬†THE COURT OF THE INSANE, positive received on¬†our¬†pages.¬†Can you tell us¬†somethin'about¬†its composition process and style?¬† After our last album "six6six" I wanted to keep progressing forward and writing different types of songs but keeping the Sacrilege sound at the same time, "six6six" was very deep and some people have called it a doom album whereas this one is a mixture of of all six of the Sacrilege albums but with a more mature style I think. ūüíŅ¬†Your new album is out¬†via¬†Pure Underground Records¬†; can you tell us¬†somethin'about¬†relationship¬†with them? This is our third album with pure steel and as far as I know they are changing their name although I can't be certain, I'm still speaking toe the same guys and girls that we did with six6six and Ashes to ashes. Pure steel did a great job with the cover and promoting the album we were pleased we could do the same with The Court Of The Insane. ūüíŅ New line up¬†for SACRILEGE, enhanced by an experienced¬†guitarist¬†such¬†as¬†Paul Macnamara.¬†¬†Satisfied about this choice? Since I reformed Sacrilege in 2012 the lead guitarist position has always been a problem with only Tony Vanner really becoming a full band member but since I spoke and then met Paul we got on great and had the same ideas wanting to take Sacrilege forward, everyone seems pleased about this as well so the whole band are now looking forward to being together for many years and enjoying what we do.

ūüíŅ Can you tell us¬†somethin'about¬†the birth of¬†your passion for music? Which bands¬†and artistshave influenced you the most?¬† I'm a massive Black Sabbath fan and I think you can tell with my writing that I'm influenced by them another favourite of mine is Judas Priest. When Sabbath were looking like they were going to stop playing I bought a guitar and amp and started writing hoping I could do what they did for many years, now 7 albums later I'm still writing, of course Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne eventually got back together anyway and I'm still a big fan. ūüíŅ¬†The real¬†"news" in music industry is the return¬†of¬†vinyl¬†and cassette;¬†what's your feeling about¬†these¬†classic format and the current¬†music¬†"business"? I've always been a fan of both especially vinyl, I use to love going into a record shop and looking through albums to see if one caught my eye, often I would buy one just on the cover. There's something special about reading the cover while listening to the music, awesome. ūüíŅ Can you tell¬†us¬†somethin' about¬†your live projects?¬†What are next scheduled gigs? We are in Leicester on the 27th July at the musician then at our home venue The Carlisle in Hastings on the 3rd August, later in the year we are playing the classic rock festival in new cross. We will be playing songs from The Court Of The Insane and also adding to our stage show which already has pyros, flame machines, ¬†smoke and even the devil himself making an appearance. ūüíŅ¬†You're a brilliant musician with¬†a¬†lot of experience¬†and you have the chance to share the stage with many¬†artists¬†and¬†bands..Who¬†were the craziest which you met? Haha great question, I've enjoyed times with most bands we have played with, we recently toured with Desolation Angels and had a great time. ūüíŅ¬†Amazing cover for THE COURT OF THE INSANE! Can you tell us¬†somethin'about? We wanted a cover that reflects the album so with the judge, jester, hanging rope and the insanity it all brings we are really pleased with it, even my severed head is on the cover! We gave all our ideas to Andy Pilkington and at short notice he put all our ideas together and this was his interpretation of The Court Of The Insane, he must be as crazy as me! Haha ūüíŅ¬†Thank you so much for your time! See you soon¬†on¬†Hardrockheavymetal!¬† Many thanks. #pics Pure Steel Promotion


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