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BAND Aldi dallo Spazio ALBUM QUASAR LABEL Jolly Roger Records OUT 5/7/2019 OUR RATING 87/100 Aldi dallo Spazio (Awesome Lysergic Dream Innovation from Space) is a music project born in 2015 that mix various musical influences of five musicians Dario Federici (Lead Vocals, Keyboards), Simone Sgarzi (Guitars), Davide Mosca (former Witchwood / Guitars), Marco Braschi (Bass), Lorenzo Guardigli (Drums) The project shows the spontaneous sound of rock music, without classifications. The sound takes inspiration from the golden era of progressive rock but it's enhanced by many influences, skipping, making it pleasant and exciting also for hard rock fans. From this idea was created Quasar, a concept album entirely written, recorded and self-produced by the 5 Aldi members in late 2017. The album remixed & remastered is then published by Jolly Roger Records on Cd, Lp, Digital in summer 2019.

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