BAND FRETLESS ALBUM DAMNATION LABEL Pure Steel Records OUT 16/8/2019 OUR RATING 82/100 FRETLESS from Sweden, after eight years from debut album LOCAL HEROES, which got a great resonance in 2011, are ready to unleash their new platter DAMNATION on Pure Steel Records. Vocalist Patte Carlsson and his band recorded thirteen new compositions, with mastering and mixing done by Audiostahl Robert Romagna. The result is a great mix of classic HM and burning Hard Rock that you'll surely appreciate. After a cinematic intro called UNHOLY WAR, it's time for anthemic BURN, which explodes thanks to a powerful production which exalts the sound of the band. Strong riff for next LET'S GET HIGH, closer to classic metal and enhanced by KB inserts, and HIGHER GROUND. In BLACK MOON we can find bluesy drops and a solo to remind, just like on the entire album, while in SPREAD YOUR WINGS they're able to develop their epic side. Great next DAMNATION is followed by NO MORE, that reminds somethin' from last album of BULLET. We go on and FREEDOM is the last shot, which ends in the best way this great album with its 80's flavour. Anyone who needs comparisons will be reminded of legends like ACCEPT or may walk in the traditional footsteps of PRETTY MAIDS. A GREAT COMEBACK! IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

TRACKLISTING 1. Unholy War 2. Burn 3. Let’s Get High 4. Higher Ground 5. Black Widow 6. Black Moon 7. Spread Your Wings 8. Damnation 9. No More 10. Sweet Cherie 11. This Is My Home 12. Spellbound 13. Freedom

LINE-UP Patte Carlsson VC GT Linus Andersson GT BV Lasse Strand BG BV Ludwig Tornemalm DR BV Special guests: Dennis Forsberg – Let's get High, Spellbound BG Mattias Bergstedt – Black Moon, Freedom, This Is My Home, Sweet Cherie DR Per-Erik Eliasson – Burn – Hammond #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion 


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