BAND Bonfire ALBUM Live On Holy Ground - Wacken 2018 LABEL Pride & Joy Music OUT 14/6/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 On August 4th, 2018 the German Hard Rock band had the chance to play once again set a great show at Wacken Open Air. The show in Wacken was filmed and released on June 14th as DVD, as CD, as LP and digital under the name “Live On Holy Ground 2018”. The main film offers a journey through time and includes BONFIRE’s own classic hits like „Ready 4 Reaction“, „Sweet Obsession“ and „American Nights“. The DVD version with “Praying 4 A Miracle” (radio edit), “Locomotive Breath” (radio edit), “Sweet Obsession” (2019) and “American Nights” (2019) offers four bonus video clips which are also included on the CD, LP and digital as audio files. With a setlist focused on classic album FIRE WORKS, we had the chance to see live new drummer André Hilgers, and we had another confirm by amazing ALEXX STAHL. A band really busy in last two years with two new studio album, one cover album (and an attached ruinous tour) and now one live. Clear sign that BONFIRE, despite everything, are alive and kickin'!

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