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BAND GALLOWS POLE ALBUM This Is Rock LABEL Pure Rock Records OUT 30/8/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 The 9th album from the Austrian band GALLOWS POLE is ready and it will be available on Aug 30th via PURE ROCK RECORDS. Fresh songs from driving Hard Rock to ballads, sometimes with more rhythm sometimes closer to AOR. Mastermind is Alois Martin Binder (vocals/guitars/bass) with his mates Andy Wagner (drums), Harald Prikasky (guitars) and Harry Fischer (guitars/vocals), the whole thing enriched by female vocalist Dina Höblinger, who gives an unique flavour with her skilled voice. They starts with SUMMERDAYS which, after a grandiloquent intro, develops a great melodic rock song. Again melodic, closer to AOR, next HEAVEN KNOWS, followed by MIDNIGHT GAMBLER, one of our favs, that grows second after second. More rhythm in POINT OF NO RETURN and YOU GOT TO ME, closer to HARD ROCK, with great guitar's solos and fancy vocals solutions. Another great shot is DAYLIGHT, while WHEN I SLEEP is, in our opinion, the only song a step behind. After MOVE ON OUT, the melodic hard rock song WHEN YOU LOVE is the tune that end in the best way this classy album! A GOOD RETURN! TO SUGGEST!

TRACKLISTING 1. Summerdays 2. Heaven Knows 3. Midnight Gambler 4. Point Of No Return 5. You Got Me 6. Daylight 7. When I Sleep 8. Move On Out 9. When You Love

LINE-UP Alois Martin Binder VC GT BG Dina Höblinger VC Harald Prikasky GT Harry El Fischer GT VC Andy Wagner DR #pressagent Pure Steel Promotion

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