BAND Dogbane ALBUM IDYLLS OF WOE LABEL Heaven and Hell Records OUT 25/7/2019 OUR RATING 86/100 After four years since last album, DOGBANE, US traditional heavy metal band is ready to unleash a new album entitled IDYLLS OF WOE, out on June 25th via HEAVEN AND HELL Records, on both CD and vinyl. Since 2010 DOGBANE have continued to stay active in the North Carolina metal scene, releasing two albums of doom and traditional heavy metal, even though in presence of a personal style with a wide range of solutions. Heavy rock with 70's flavour in the first song, the awesome THE ONE I WAS WARNED OF, with vocals really compelling, a bass always effective and two solos, different but both at high level. DEVIL'S TRAMPING GROUND is closer to classic metal before BLOOD IN THE SNOW, one of our favs, with crazy intro and outro, and with a groovy riff which gets under your bones. The next is RIDDLE OF STEEL, another gem, that develops itself in a sinister environment, with SABBATH's mood riffing of songs such as CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE, and with two solos again to remind. Lilting next LAND OF SHADOWS followed by NOW YOU KNOW, with a leading bass and shamanic vocals. WINTER OF MAN'S DEMISE, doom and dark, precedes SIN EATER, that ends in the best way this great platter with its sound more classic and traditional. A SMART RETURN! TO SUGGEST! LINE UP Mitchell Allred GT Kevin D. Davis BG BV Jeff Neal VC Jerry Cloer DR PERCUSSIONS Jeff Rinehart GT KB BV

 TRACKLIST 01 The One I Was Warned Of 3:11   02 Devil's Tramping Ground 4:04   03 Blood In The Snow 5:12   04 Riddle Of Steel 5:59    05 Land Of Shadows 4:32    06 Now You Know 3:40  07 Winter Of Man's Demise 6:00    08 Sin Eater3:13 #pressagent ClawHammer PR


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