BAND Dreams in Fragments ALBUM REFLECTIONS OF A NIGHTMARE LABEL Rockshots Records OUT 28/6/2019 OUR RATING 78/100 Symphonic Metal band DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS is ready to unleash the new album 'Reflections Of A Nightmare', out on June 28th via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS. Featuring musicians from Majesty Of Silence, Rainforce, Proxima, the foursome known as DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS consists of Seraina Schoepfer (LV), Chris Geissmann (GT, VC), Jan Thomas (BG) and Franc Fritschi (DR). The band's musical style have been compared to names such as Nightwish and Delain, by they were able to develop an own style. Interesting are various entanglements between vocals of SERAINA SCHÖPFER and growl provided by CHRISTIAN GEISSMAN, with riffs at times melodic, at times sharp. Some passages are almost cinematic, showing music as a general overview, and the final outcome it's never obvious. Good job DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS! An album to suggest. TRACKLIST 1. Everytime 2. Nightchild 3. The Maze 4. Incomplete 5. Prologue 6. Defy every Storm 7. Falling with a Crown 8. Little Red 9. In Flames 10. Unireverse LINE UP Seraina Schöpfer VC Christian Geissmann (Majesty of Silence, Proxima) GT, Growls, Orchestral Arrangements Jan Thomas BG Frank Fritschi DR

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