BAND JIMBO ALBUM WHERE THE VULTURES GATHER LABEL SELF RELEASE OUT 12/7/2019 OUR RATING 80/100 Usually we don't post review about EP's, but this time we make an exception because we have found somethin' really interesting. This second EP from JIMBO, from Canada, entitled "Where the Vultures Gather" slated for release on July 12th. JIMBO takes a step away from the current status quo by embracing 90’s alternative rock that doesn't make concessions for the everyday listener, but is rather geared for the underground. With lyrical content aimed at those who find themselves in a ‘me vs. the world’ mindset, JIMBO is ready to add ammunition to attack mode. With a great mix of alternative rock, dark psych and a drop of acid blues, 'Mamawawa ' was written by Alex Van Der Heyden after him and Joe Narducci attended the event it was inspired by. Great solos, embracing drums and a bass that emerges..a job well done! Other two songs are PYRETHRIN and the title track, both interesting. A BAND TO KEEP AN EYE ON!

Track Listing: 1. Mamawawa (3:44) 2. Pyrethrin (4:23) 3. Where The Vultures Gather (3:28) EP Length: 11:36 #pressagent Asher Media Relations 


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