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BAND Jailbirds ALBU The Great Escape  LABEL Golden Robot Records  OUT 5/7/2019 OUR RATING 88/100 Irish/Aussie rockers JAILBIRDS (but based in DUBLIN) will release their new album 'The Great Escape' on 5th July and surely you'll appreciate this great job!! This is the debut album of the band and this is the right outcome of several hours of hard work and ideas converged and narrowed down to eight tracks. The band said: "The Great Escape is a fitting name for what we are going through as a band, the desire to escape being at the bottom of the pit only starting in this gigantesque musical realm that exists today. It's about the challenges that a band faces in its beginnings, the frustrations and the barriers you encompass, the journey of wanting to rise up, going from unknown to known and all the exterior negativity that accompanies it.  This album takes those challenges head on under the form of what we see as pure hard rock. Although The Great Escape deals with these struggles, it was also written purely for the love of music and the hard rock genre. It's a style of music we all grew up with and can identify with, a form of music therapy to our ears. The album is an amalgam of our blues influences which shines on tracks such as Shadow of Love and Underdog, colliding with our heavier material such as The Great Escape and The Pilot.  Whether you're a fan of hard rock, a member of a band trekking through the early stages of building something, or an individual completely unbeknownst to this style of music whose curiosity peaks ever so slightly, this album could be for you. We're a band consisting of four guys writing music we love and contributing towards establishing the new age of rock n roll, paving our own journey into the unknown, so crank up the volume, stick the speaker to the wall, and shove some hard rock down your neighbour's throat" The first of eight songs is the title track, that starts with a great entanglement of bass and acoustic guitar, before a break which opens a hot hard rock with the freshness of bands such as THE TREATMENT. LOOSE CANNON provides a strong riffing, powerful but with bluesy drops, and a great solo, while NOTHING GOOD LASTS FOREVER is a various song with great hard rock passages, maybe less wild than band such as AIRBOURNE but able to shake your heads! More bluesy and lilting next SHADOW OF LOVE, with solos really effectives, while TRILL OF THE CHASE is another great song full of rhythm. UNDERDOG is one of our favs in this platter, with a series of solos again incredible before anthemic FIGHT OR FLIGHT. THE PILOT is the last one that ends in the best way this great album..with a fast and mad run! ANOTHER BAND TO KEEP AN EYE ON!!  iTunes : #pressagent Judith Fisher


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